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Latest News

Aldi stores and online shopping offer a refillable option for dry goods

In an effort to cut down on single-use plastics, the UK Refill Coalition, which is made up of GoUnpackaged, Aldi UK, Ocado Retail, and CHEP, is testing an in-store refill system for dry products at Aldi's Solihull store and online.

Author: kathryn | Date: 4 March 2021


By 2025, gasoline and diesel vehicles will not be allowed in Stockholm's downtown.

Plan goes above and beyond what most do to lessen noise and pollution.

Author: rbn | Date: 4 March 2021


Lego gives up on its attempt to produce recyclable plastic bottle bricks

According to a Danish corporation, difficulties using non-oil-based components would have resulted in higher overall carbon emissions.

Author: rbn | Date: 4 March 2021