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Latest News

The key to combating pollution is to build alternatives to plastic

Sustainable plastic substitutes abound in nature, but to increase production and remove restrictions, nations and businesses must cooperate across borders

Author: rbn | Date: 19 February 2021


Maeve seeks to launch a 44-passenger all-electric aircraft in 2029

By 2029, Maeve Aerospace, a Dutch startup, hopes to have its 44-passenger Maeve 01 regional airliner completed. According to the company, it is the "world's first" aircraft of its kind.

Author: rbn | Date: 19 February 2021


"Float-ovoltaics": How solar panels suspended in reservoirs could transform the world's energy supply

According to a recent study, floating solar panels on reservoirs could generate three times as much electricity as the entire EU. They are among the most affordable and effective ways to produce electricity, but they also take up a lot of room.

Author: rbn | Date: 19 February 2021