‘This really reminds us of our responsibilities, as business owners, to do everything that we can to protect it for people in the future’

Staffordshire businesses are sharing their knowledge in order to save n carbon emissions and money.

A country pub and international exporters are among businesses taking benefits from de County Council supported Staffordshire Business Environment Network (sben). The sben works by assisting companies to reach long-term sustainability and to increase commercial opportunities by using green innovation. Local businesses have saved more than 1,656 tonnes of carbon since 2017.

“This authority is committed to tackling climate change and helping businesses go greener. Staffordshire Business Environment Network does great practical work and is currently offering free membership so businesses of any size in Staffordshire can get valuable practical advice and support to help them go green and prosper at the same time”, said Simon Tagg, Staffordshire County Council’s cabinet member for environment, infrastructure, and climate change.

He completed: “Every small step we take makes a big difference and will get us closer to achieving net-zero by 2050.”

Thanks to sben, one family-run pub in Butterton, The Black Lion Inn, has changed the way it operates to save on carbon emissions. Some of the measures were to remove the LPG gas from the kitchen and exchange all the equipment to work on electric renewable energy, installed an electric vehicle charging point, and grown an organic garden as part of a wider commitment to reduce food miles.

Hannah Grimsey, owner of the Black Lion Inn, said: “We’re based in the beautiful village of Butterton and we’re so lucky to be surrounded by beautiful landscape and amazing nature every day.

“As parents, it’s become more important to us as we think about what we are going to leave for our children over the next decades. This really reminds us of our responsibilities, as business owners, to do everything that we can to protect it for people in the future”

Insulated packaging company, Woolcool, based in Stone, has pioneered the use of 100 percent natural sheep wool to insulate pharmaceutical products internationally.

As members of sben, it had an independent assessment of its energy usage and received lots of practical advice.

The business has now changed to more energy-efficient lights and has zero waste to landfill.

Managing director at Woolcool, Josie Morris said: “I think it’s really important for businesses to start thinking about sustainability. We have found that being sustainable is not only a great thing for the planet but also from a cost-saving perspective.

“Staffordshire is known for its innovation and creativity, if we all come together and do our bit, we could be the most sustainable county in the country.”

Staffordshire Business Environment Network is offering free membership for a limited time only. To join sben or find out more, visit https://sben.co.uk/

Pictured are Matt and Hannah Grimsey from the Black Lion Inn


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